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Tactical Fitness Plan

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One thing I've learned during my recovery is that "Fitness Plans" are bullshit. Start with Fitness Goals. What do you want to accomplish. Be specific as you can. Then you can develop plans and milestones to get you where you want to be. If your current level of Fitness is "Pure Couch Potato" then start with a simple goal. Something like walk one mile in thirty minutes or lift and carry 30 pounds for 500 yards. As you reach each goal you can set new goals. By choosing what you want to accomplish you can find a hundred different training regimes to help you attain that goal. I found out there is nothing like having a major medical event that takes away all the things you took for granted. That leaves you unable to do what you could once easily do and forces you to prioritize you health and Fitness goals... Like "today going to put my pants on by myself"  :) Or "lets see if I can pee standing up again"  :-\ or any of the things I once took for granted... It took me almost a year to get back to some semblance of Fitness. I did it by setting goals and developing a plan to attain each goal. As my health and fitness improved I evolved my plans to encompass and build upon the improvements. For me this worked far better and more quickly than utilizing the one-size-fits-all approach of someone's pre-developed plan. If you have no idea where to start then its worth investing in some professional assistance. The less fit you are the more important it is to get some assistance from someone who understands your fitness goals and has a proved record of helping people like you reach their goals. We spend hundreds and thousands over the years getting our gear, supplies and knowledge together for harsh times but damn near nothing on ourselves. You are the most important part of your Preps. Spend some money on you.


PS: If you really want a "Tactical Fitness Plan" You can get one for free. Just download the Army or Marine Corps Physical Readiness tests and/or training programs. Its free and they work.




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