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Steve Cover:

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For example: ever shoot at Frizbys with fluflu arrows?
By the time a sight shooter has figured out which pin to use, the target is usually on the ground.
Sight shooters will dispute this of course.
But, deciding which pin to use as the range is rapidly changing or waiting until the "instant" the range is perfect for the sighted shot is really impractical.


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Here is an example of an aerial target.
It was made of cardboard and lasted fairly well when we used field points.
One of our group shot it with a Zikery Judo point and tore it up too bad to fix.

Frisbys can be modified to this configuration too.
Draw an "X" on the Frizby crossing the center.
We used a 1/4 inch hole punch in the center and then at the ends (equal length from the center of course.)
We then cut an 1/8 inch slot across the center from each outside hole.
Heavy card stock or light cardboard is cut in a square and folded to fit. (see picture above)
We notched the edge of the cardboard where it met the hole at the end of the Frisby to hold it in place.
Since the target is thrown away from the shooters and not just straight up in the air, the triangle provides a target surface area when seen from the side.

Naturally the Frisbys last longer than the cardboard ones. Replacing the center piece is quick and easy.
We were able use blunts instead of field points.

When you get good with your instinctive shooting give this a try.
Flu-Flu arrows don't go far and you can shoot archery trap with a moderate weight bow.



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