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yes an overdrive from GearVendors is considered.  It starts to push the total investment into the truck into the high teens though.  It can attach to the divorced differential and works off of rpm or manual switch.  Pretty cool stuff but expensive:   

Another potential upgrade I'm considering is the Benchmark steering upgrade making all of those complicated rams and pumps disappear and tightening up the front end:

Both would make it much more civilized on the road.  Just have to decide what sort of return on the investment is acceptable.    Plain Jane as it is, I seldom have anyone eager to be in front of me on the roads and she gets many looks and thumbs up from the other drivers.   Thanks for nice comments guys.  My first posting.

Smurf Hunter:
I see a lot of pre-electronic era vehicles on this thread.  Is the thinking that they are EMP-proof/resistant, or perhaps just easier to wrench on?


--- Quote from: BronieApocolypse on October 13, 2016, 02:49:11 PM ---  Just have to decide what sort of return on the investment is acceptable.   

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Still cheaper if you plan on keeping it than buying a new truck.

I have a couple options, although the Scout is in the garage getting a bunch of upgrades.

I'm all for it. I haven't been current in some time, and no way could I afford something that'd take my family plus gear, but having an ultralight sailplane at the BOL, or an UL helicopter, could come in very handy depending on your needs and wants.

Of course, the 'eye in the sky' benefit can now be had with a decent quadcopter or fixed wing UAV, but when you wanna fly, why let teotwawki stop ya?
Also, post-shtf, provided you could keep it fed and maintained, you might be able to provide a good service between settlements, running light cargo (really light if in a UL), mail, and the like, avoiding the less polite mobs that might still be making themselves an obstacle on the roads.

Some will immediately bring up how fragile they are, and how a simple .22 round could bring it down...  sure. Granted, a .22 round can bring down a jetliner if it hits certain spots. But how many can hit a moving target a thousand feet or so straight up? I wouldn't recommend skimming the treetops unless you have a good reason or are in a safer area. Cargo planes in war zones will remain at altitude until just above the landing area, then spiral down, to minimize low-altitude time over a potentially hot area. A decent little ultralight will do this very well, as draggy as they are.

--- Quote from: Mike_Flys on October 18, 2014, 09:55:58 PM ---My brother and I have had an on going debate about reaching a bug out location. In the valley where we are at there only only a couple roads to get in and out, even off road would be tough. I think its a real possibility they will become backed up and blocked.
As a pilot I look at an airplane as a great alternative.

Not sure if I should go with the take off and land almost anywhere bush plane Savage Cub or the fold up and stuff in a trailer Quicksilver S2

Savage Cub Take off in 60 feet, land in 150 feet

Quicksilver S2 Take off and land in just over 200 feet. can be packed or unpacked in a trailer in about 30 minutes
My wife likes to point out you can't carry much in the S2. However it would be easy to bring a backpack in it.

Legally both planes carry a similar weight, however in a SHTF scenario the Savage Cub would hold more, especially with its 180hp engine.

Any thoughts?
Any other pilots?


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