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Gun confiscation, are blackpowder rifles exempt?

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Let us just say that many of us will not hide in our suburban neighborhoods waiting for the SWAT team.  Even ATF agents have to go home sometime.

How do you define "civil war" ?

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: The Professor on December 08, 2012, 02:37:33 PM ---... my LeMat Revolver...

Granted, I may not even be able to see the target after two or three rounds, but if I don't kill my attacker at short range, I'll either set him on fire or be able to do the ninja thing with all the white smoke hanging around.

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Wanted: smokeless black powder substitute!

Personally, I believe that anyone even slightly gun oriented should have a decent blackpowder revolver.  6 Shots is a fairly effective defensive weapon.  The shorter barrelled .44 caliber make a decent carry gun if everything falls apart.  You might even look into the laws of YOUR state.  In many states you can order the BP pistol by mail with no trace, then by seperate order (even from a different supplier) buy a Karst converter that can convert to cartridge.  Since the converter is just a cylinder it is a gun part not a gun and it does not need to go through a licenced FFL and can be mailed.  Just remove the percussion cylinder and insert the other.  You then have a legal single action cartridge revolver.  Note that you cannot do this with a cheap brass frame replica but the better replicas and the Ruger Old Army work well.  You do need to shoot blackpowder or low pressure rounds.  I have not owned one but I have shot them at SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) events and they are OK, but slower to reload than a Ruger Vaquero or Colt Single action.

By the way if you like shooting check to see if there is a SASS club close to you.  It is lot's of fun and I have not found anyone who think folks running around shooting at steel targets while dressed like an 1880's gunfighter or school marm is intimidating.  Unfortunately most peoples impressions of modern combat compitition is quite different.  Most of the skills developed will transfer to your Glock if you desire.  If you want to be a grey man, this is a good way to practice under the radar,  and have a blast doing it.

The Professor:

--- Quote from: backwoods_engineer on December 08, 2012, 09:58:57 PM ---Professor,

Let us just say that many of us will not hide in our suburban neighborhoods waiting for the SWAT team.  Even ATF agents have to go home sometime.

How do you define "civil war" ?

--- End quote ---

Sorry, Backwoods, I didn't see this until just now.

The definition of a civil war is a war between two populations (or groups) within a country.  Some even accept a definition of two politically-organized nations originating from one (a la the American "civil war").

Most military scholars align with the belief that what most people term as a "civil war" is actually an insurrection, wherein a population rises up against it's government.  Now, there's a lot of discussion about whether the government will officially recognize the status of those who rise as "belligerents" (to do so would recognize the "rebels" as an official entity, or sovereign state/movement.  It generally is not in their best interest to do so, because then the relationship (i.e., armed conflict) is expected to be within the rules set by the laws of warfare and the Geneva Convention, et al, applied.

This is why you see many 3rd world countries denying there's an insurrection within their border.  They are then not required to recognize the "official" status of an uprising.  Why is this important?  Think of it this way: You are a rebel.  You are against the governmental power's that be. 

If you, and your cause, win belligerent status, then that colonel you just shot, or the representative of the government, is a casualty of war. If you are captured, your belligerent status is recognized and you must be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

If you, and your cause, are not "belligerents,"  then a speedy trial can be conducted and you can be executed as a criminal.

So, exactly how excited do you think any government is to allow a civil war or belligerent status to be recognized?

The Professor

Mr. Bill:
Civil war and insurrection are off-topic for this thread and the Black Powder and Primitive Weapons board.

Planning what to do to ATF agents who "have to go home sometime" is off-limits for TSP Forum.



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