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This morning is the first time I saw this post. Thank you for posting it. Part of the reason I may not have seen it is that I was having Left Lower Quadrant pain (for 4 weeks) which I went to the doctor about on Tuesday and then my daughter and I got the flu.  :(


+1E06 on this scrubs. Nice write up. I'll be sure to print it for my binder. I especially appreciate the link to the UCSD med school site. Lots of good stuff there. Wish I could print all of that for posterity. Maybe I'll try a recursive web-suck and capture everything there as a PDF. Better than nothing.



Got to admit I was reading this while in the hospital waiting room. Great info.

Thank for sharing this important information, the abdominal pain is one of the most common kind of pain and one of the hardest to get a accurate diagnostics

Thanks for reviving this thread, Zack. This is a very good one that I had never seen before...

Glad to have you here... I hope you'll stop by the Intro thread when you get a chance.

PS: In reading it through, I see that Walker had mentioned the use of Cipro... I know that there are some very serious side effects possible from the use of that antibiotic (DH nearly died from an allergic rxn several years ago). Since this information was posted in 2012, there has been more info. put out about this. Here is an article from WebMD:


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