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Do you car pool? Do you include them in your ghb?

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I car pool with 3 people.  I plan for them in my ghb, but it reduces my three day pack to one day.  I also have a small separate bag incase we need to split up and for some special dietary needs.  Anyone else doing this?

Great question.

I car pool from time to time with a few different co-workers. I have some extra things in my GHB that are intended for other people. Wasn't really thinking about my car pooling buddies, but you just never know who you may end up grouping with if its a long haul (which mine is).

Let me put it like this...I carpool with 8-9 ppl at a time. Their old, bitter, and could care less about preparedness. So no. Their SOL.

Oil Lady:
So ............. what's a ghb??


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