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Forgot about flares!

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Hand sanitizer and a Bic will get almost any fire started.


--- Quote from: doublehelix on November 24, 2012, 02:52:24 PM ---I always keep a 10 minute highway flare in my bob to start wet things on fire  ;D
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I used to keep a 5 minute flare (smaller and easier to pack than a 10).  Discovered that if you don't rotate them regularly you'll find that the igniter won't work when you need it.  When they do light however, they work better than anything I have ever packed in my pack.

--- Quote from: flippydidit on November 25, 2012, 12:24:02 AM ---Hand sanitizer and a Bic will get almost any fire started.
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I now pack this instead, works great.  Although I quit using actual "hand sanitizer" (some brands don't light as well as others) so I've played around with making my own using 99% isopropyl alcohol and dish soap.  Next I'm going to play around with fumed silica as a binding/thickening agent. . . .  You can also buy fire gel at any store that sells gelled fire starter for wood/pellet stoves and fireplaces.  It works MUCH better than hand sanitizer.

Can anybody think of any other uses for flares? I have a few in my daily driver jeep that I forgot about until now, and reading that story I'm really glad I have them!!

About a month ago I thought of the 'old style' red road flares. I checked Amazon- no luck. They had light sticks but no flares. I found a few flares in a hardware store in Pennsylvania, but got to thinking about light sticks. I have a couple but never used one- I know, you should always try out gear. Anyway, some of the light sticks are made to be used as road flares, complete with wire stands. What kept me from buying them was that from the picture they had I don't think they would be bright enough to be very effective in the city where I mostly drive and there's bright lights almost everywhere. I've kept one of those D battery blinking strobes in my car for some time now. Fortunately I haven't gotten stuck on the road, but as far as being an effective warning or signal device I am thinking flare, strobe, and light stick in order of effectiveness. Any thoughts or other suggestions? I also keep forgetting most of the lights I carry have some sort of strobe mode.
Something I've found that works quite well is taking an empty hand sanitizer bottle and filling it with denatured alcohol. The bottle is made to hold alcohol and with the pump screwed down it doesn't leak. The pump can be used to dispense it where needed, and will even fuel a dry Zippo in a pinch. I keep one in my EDC bag and the nice thing is the sanitizer bottles come in quite a few sizes. I should put one of my home made 'cat' stoves in my kit. The sanitizer bottle I have could fuel it a few times.

I bought 2 Smittybilt UFO LED safety lights last year. They run on CR123s cost $20 each and run 24hours plus in blink modes other modes 8-10 hours. They have 8+ modes ranging from strobe-sos-rotate police style A really nice emergency light for $20. They are magnetic and waterproof so you can stick it on your bumper or roof Kojak style while you wait inside or place them on the street behind you if you get a flat. They are plenty bright too, these guys stick out at night under lighting


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