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Pandemic flu links


These links have tons of info that would be useful for those of us who want to prepare for a flu pandemic.

Most state and local governments have a pandemic flu SOP now.  Even universities have established pandemic flu response plans.  In every plan,  one point is made very clear.  THERE WILL BE NO FEDERAL, OR STATE HELP.  There will be no vaccines, and we will all have to ride out the storm.

Individual communities will be asked to help themselves.  They anticipate 30% of the workforce to be absent, Schools to close, and healthcare centers to be overrun. The lack of manpower will effect essential services.

Planning for Pandemic will prepare us for anything.  And unlike some other SHTF scenarios . . . Pandemic happens, and it is overdue.

Here is a link to a thread about Pandemic Flu Supplies put together by my local County.

Pandemic Supplies:

Pandemic Info Pamphlet:

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