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Updated Emergency Car Kits


After experiencing Seattle's Snowpocalypse 2008, and feedback from here, I have update my emergency car kits.  Note that my car kits are supplemented by my Emergency Kit at home (I don't have a BOB because I have a wife and a 2 1/2 year old so I wont be humping it out into the woods).

I have one each of these kits in each of my cars, although in my secondary car I have a few less duplicates.

Anyways, here is the updated kit, with links to the items where available:

Listing of items:

2x Swiss Ponchos
2x Swiss Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners
2x Swedish Mittens
2X Polyester Watch Cap Hats
1X Czech E-Tool
2X MRE's
1X Ball Twine
1X Roll Duct Tape
1X Compass
1X Light Stick
1X Multi-Tool from Walmart
1X LED Flashlight (keep batteries seperate)
1X Batteries for Flashlight
1X Folding Knife from Walmart
1X Firestarter Flint Stick
3X Triox Bars
1X Medic Kit
1X Medication Kit
1X Cold Compress
2X Road Flares
1X Wrench
3X Heat Packs
1X Swedish Back Pack
1X Emergency whistle
2X Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

In the trunk but not in the bag:

1X Jumper Cables
1X Oil
1X Power Inverter
1X Overshoes, wife size
1X Overshoes, my size
2X Quart of Water


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