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Comparing essential oils


Hi there,

I am really impressed by the stuff you offer on your website, especially your low prices on essential oils. Are they all organic/wildcrafted? How are they distilled? I was just wondering how they compare to say, Young Living essential oils, which are very expensive, but are so theraputic grade that you can consume many of them (diluted of course). I am really curious. I would love to use essential oils more often in my home.

The essential oils that we sell are the very highest quality therapeutic grade oils without all of the marketing hype and expense.  Young Living manufactures only 6 of their own oils the remainder they get from the same suppliers that we use.  (One of our suppliers that let slip that YL is one of their biggest customers.)  Young Living does have some very nice blends - but contrary to what their marketing arms claims their oils (except for the 6 they manufacture) are not unique to them.  They do not have access to oils that no one else has. 

Anytime you purchase from a multi-level company expect to pay at least 3 to 5 times what the product is actually worth.  Of course, the placebo effect can also have a powerful influence.  If you pay $17 for a quarter ounce of lavender EO you would expect it to have a greater therapeutic effect than a $3 bottle of the same.

We do not dilute our oils.  When you buy an essential oil it is the real deal.


Thanks Herbdoc! That's exactly what I wanted to know. I'm excited to order some oils from ya'll soon. Is there more info about what the EO reccommended uses are, such as internal, etc.?

p.s. Can you tell I am a "Fact-finder"? :)

There are several reference books on Essential oils.  My only complaint about EO's is that they are typically marketed as healing powerhouses.  Particularly by those who are trying to sell you their MLM version.  If you were to look at health as a big puzzle with many pieces, there would be large pieces and small pieces - the large ones representing what is more important.  Large pieces would include good nutrition, exercise, getting enough sleep, and having good healthy relationships.  Smaller pieces to the health puzzle would be things like music, leisure activities, and I would put as a small piece essential oils.  Do they have an effect on the total health picture?  Yes they can, but which is more important - using essential oils or changing your diet to whole natural foods - staying away from processed, chemical laden products. 

I remember talking with a patient who was emphatic that all of her food was organic and of the highest quality - which is great - the inconsistency was that she smoked a pack of cigarettes every day. 

So EO's are good, but if you are not willing go get off the coke and twinkies, expecting the EO's to bring you to the next level of health - who are you trying to kid. Right?

wonderful information! Thanks so much!


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