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Does anyone have photos/plans of a pull up and dip bar apparatus like what was Described in episode 93?

Hmm, I built it and I can't really say that we used plans, just sort of did it.

Take two poles (we got some scraps from the phone company but you could use 4x4s or actual trees, or anything. 

Dig two holes and set the poles in them.

Take a saw, find a tree that you can just grip sufficiently to do pull up with and cut it down

Drill pilot holes in it so it won't split and just nail it on top of the poles

When I made ours (don't have it anymore older house we lived in back then) I sunk three poles into the ground.  One span was for pull ups, etc the other was for hanging a heavy bag.

Now when I was in Hondo back in the Army we made one that was with a typical small steel pole and we set 4x4s in the ground for it.  It was crapy soil there and not stable so we set up "supports" around the 4x4s and ended up with a really cool tough way to do sit ups in a very steep incline.  That one I have pictures of but all in print, I will see if I can get them scanned to digital.

I've set up my pull-up bar just outside my door and everytime I leave the house, I am obligated to try to do a set... but OY!!!! I am a weakling! This is a good thing to set up now because it takes a while to build up the strength to do a full pull up (never mind several). Mostly, I'm doing a hanging clench these days!!

Dirt Rider 3006:
One of the best things I've done is put up a a pull up bar in my basement. I run a home based machine shop down there too and it is a great convience to have that bar right near by. When ever I hit the cycle start button on my cnc machine, I usually do a set of pull ups.

I am going to take Jack's advice and try using a thick tree branch, should be interesting.

For me pull ups also help with my back problems. When I'm stretched out, hanging by my hands, it help my compressed disc relax. I just got back from nearly 2 weeks visiting family over Thanksgiving and I did not have any place where I could do any pull ups and I could feel it in my back. Not to mention the bed I was sleeping on was way too soft.

One thing I like to do when doing pull ups is to bring my knees up to my chest, usually getting them to touch the bar, when I reach the top of an underhanded pull up.

Just cut a tree and hand it from some sort of bracket down there.  I think you will find it interesting what kind of difference you get when you have to adjust for the larger and mostly irregular shape.

My dad started me on this, he said so how many things out there in nature that you will pull yourself up on are perfectly shaped, one inch, steel bars that are rock solid and don't move when you pull on them?  I had no answer for some reason that is usually when a person gets through to me because it makes you think, so now ya'll know where I get it from.


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