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--- Quote from: radiomaster on June 28, 2013, 09:05:14 PM ---I just posted the previously removed frequency list with a lot of more complete detailed information, as a new topic in the Communications section of the forum:
SHTF Survival Frequencies! Radios: Ham, CB, FRS, GMRS, MURS, Freeband

It includes a wallet size print of the list.

There is also a download of a pdf version.

--- End quote ---

Are these 'nets' ?

No that is just a list of freqs that may or may not be used in a SHTF situ.

not to derail the intention of the OP Thread:

There are some nets for us liked minded folks...

one that seems to be doing well is the bi-monthly AmRRON net (Voice, Digi, and Local VHF/UHF, FRS, GMRS & CB) with Radio Free Redoubt: (Ham Sub-Forum) has a few weekly examples too! (Voice, Digi, and Echolink)

as with any 'net' participation is Key.  I find that I'm always doing "daddy stuff" when they are skd

some other worthy links


John Doe:

Mobile spotters are encouraged to use the following Unofficial National Spotting Simplex Frequencies:
•146.55 MHz (146.46 Backup)

•223.520 MHz

•446.100 MHz (often used for cross patching to 146.550 MHz.)

•1294.550 MHz

Not a frequency list, but a great resource for HF communications...
Get online VOACAP Radio Coverage and Point-to-Point predictions.

Point the map to your location, select a band and antenna/power, and get a coverage map like this with a heatmap percent estimate of successful contact:

Put in two locations and setups, and get an estimate of what bands and times that will likely work best between the two points:

Also, other tools and links appear on the main page.

Another good resource is the Maximum Usable Frequency map, which can help you quickly estimate current conditions and real-time propogation.


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