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I would suggest 60M. It will work for NVIS and Midrange communications. You just have to change antennas. A low dipole for NVIS will work out to 300 miles or so with no blind spots.  My antenna for this is only 7 feet off the ground.  A higher dipole or inverted "L" antenna will work 300 to 1200 miles with little trouble, and all that with 100W ERP. Not bad. It's one of our favorite bands for MARS. Of course if you want more distance you go up in frequency, but you get more and bigger blind spots due to skip. In any case think how you would run such a net. This can make or brake you.   Mark/WQ8S

Just recently received my call sign and started collecting repeaters around London and St. Thomas Ontario.

VA3LON  147.060+ with 114.8 Hz PL *
VE3LON  224.220- with 114.8 Hz PL

VA3SIX  53.470- with 114.8 Hz PL * Usually open
VE3OME  145.450- with 114.8 Hz PL * Usually open, CANWARN
VE3DPL  146.655- with 131.8 Hz PL * (Stratfordville)
VE3MCR  147.000+ open (Lucan)
VE3STR  147.330+ with 114.8 Hz PL * (St. Thomas)
VE3STR  443.825+ with 114.8 Hz PL *(St. Thomas)

VE3TTT  147.180+ with 114.8 Hz PL * Usually open, ULR link repeater "SORT" System
VE3SUE  444.400+ with 114.8 Hz PL * Usually open, ULR link repeater "SORT" System, IRLP
VE3SUE is linked to 146.940- VE3TCB and 442.300+ VE3SRT in Ipperwash, full time

Grand Bend / The Pinery
VE3SRT - 442.050 Mhz (+) 114.8Hz


Wow, noob here; this is going to be fun, educational, and useful!

Good job Radiomaster!!!  I've seen most of these around, but also found some new ones. I'll have to add that to my list.

Listening 7.242 LSB until 20:00 EDT

Hope to hear someone!



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