Author Topic: autism and natural herbs  (Read 4686 times)

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autism and natural herbs
« on: March 02, 2010, 08:00:56 AM »
I was just curious if anyone had any good results with natural solutions to help with autism behaviors.

This like hyperactivity, screaming, self aggression (i.e. pinching, biting hand, slapping head)

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Re: autism and natural herbs
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2010, 07:11:47 AM »
As I am sure you are probably aware Autism is now classified as Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Like so many health conditions these days there is a vast variety of degrees and symptoms.  There are also many claims made on the success of treatments, both natural and allopathic. 

There are people, like Jenny McCarthy who had a son diagnosed with autism.  She experimented and explored the natural route and appears to have successfully brought her son into the realm of normalcy.  She did several things very right - She started working with diet, nutrition and brain training therapies when he was very young.  The brain, when young, is much more pliable and is able to recover from problems and injuries.   

I have worked with patients who have done likewise and have had varying degrees of success.  I have also worked with many who have appeared to done everything humanly possible and not had success.  Sometimes those that have worked the hardest have enjoyed the least amount of progress. 

Autism has been blamed on everything from vaccinations, to GM foods and food additives, to poor parenting, to alien intrusion.  The reality is we don't know what causes every case.  Although there is evidence (in my opinion) that suggests that at least some of the cases are caused by toxins such as mercury that is used to stabilize some of the immunizations.  Many kids have responded well to chelation type therapies designed to remove heavy metals from their systems (heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum are known to damage the nervous system).

I do have a friend with two autistic children the first was vaccinated and the second was not.  She also has two children without disability. 

My recommendation is to read and study everything (with a skeptical eye).  Shy away from those selling expensive products with amazing claims and testimonials.  Go to the blogs and get in the trenches with other parents who are struggling with this issue. 

Look into the research of Natasha Campbell-McBride - an English researcher who has discovered some pretty amazing things with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I've written a paper summarizing some of her work if you are interested. 

It is a tough issue and there appear to be no set easy answers.  It is truly heart breaking so see so many children neurologically damaged and the havoc created in their families. 

God Bless