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Cheap and necessary medical preps

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I recentley had to give one of my buddies a bit of relife from a bad afflication of boils in the form of some Fish Mox I had stored in my Bug Out bag. He had just lost his job and medical insurance and knew the pros and cons of the treatment but worked like a charm for him and i just replaced the bottle for 10 bucks. You can google around a bit for this type of info but here is just a brief intro. Got to be careful with the meds and advice,enough said.

Very interesting application!  I wonder what other witch doctor (or in this case, FISH doctor) methods exist...

I am curious what does the ? Arabic mean

"Come Get Some!"  =-]

check out  " do it yourself medicine"  by ragnar benson ... its highly controversal but most of the info is very sound it covers the use of vet medication on humans in emergency situations.



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