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ALERT: Active shooter & multiple homicide incidents, outside the US

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well, from my side, I just was hasty to report.

Update on spain.:
Moussa Oukabir, thought to be 17, was a Spanish citizen from the northern Catalan city of Girona. Most of the other suspects were Moroccan.Oukabir's brother Driss was one of them. He reportedly turned himself in, telling police he was not involved and that his documents had been stolen. He is 18.


on more incident carried by a Moroccan in anchestry in Russia this time....the Reuters piece does not say so, but the Greek national Tv & radio did

So we have 4 Moroccans out of 4!
Cos yesterday I Moroccan woman with (Notice) Belgian citizenship was arrested in Greece as soon as she landed, after guidance of the Italian port authorities. there was an international warrant on her for being involved in terrorism.

also read this
Manhunt Continues for Barcelona Driver and Missing Moroccan Imam

Smells like a moroccan network was activated

Fox news reports that a Barcelona terror suspect has been freed by a judge.
No further details given.

- machete wielding man assaults soldiers in Brussels. he got shot
- sword wielding man assaults policemen in London outside of the palace. He got arrested.
- in Indionesia 5 people we arrested in western Java, a refuge of Islamic militants. Materilas for a DIRTY BOMB were found in their apartment.

-on the 23rd, a terrorist attack in a concert area was averted, when police seized a bus foul of butane bottles


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