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Raising quail for meat and eggs

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I put 50 eggs in an IncuView this morning. This is my first time trying to hatch some birds.  Very excited!

Hey all, is anyone in the North Georgia area that have some Cots? Looking to expand my flock but really don't want to drive the hour + to my regular guy.
Thanks in advance!

wow, moonvalleyprepper, thank you a thousands, I am just in the process of getting the project in, and will definitely go for quails too, as I believe chickens on my 1/4 of an acre (including home) wouldn't be realistic for my family (2 adults and three fast growing boys)

"You might put a few perches in the cages for them to rest on. A roosting bar will remove their feet from the ground for about a third of the day. Porcelain roosts are available from pet stores. These don't hold moisture and microbes like wooden perches do."

Turns out that coturnix quail don't perch, so don't bother with this.

Hello I'm in the beginning stages of starting a quail egg biz and want to see what others are charging per dozen eggs. I will be 100% tractoring them minus my breeders. I'm in Geneva Florida if that helps for any locals. Thank you


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