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Raising quail for meat and eggs

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TSP episode 1071

Prezi: Raising quail for meat and eggs

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Micro Livestock

White Quail Blog

That's all folks!!

Please feel free to post any questions or comments below.

Again, thanks for you patience and I hope you enjoyed.  ;)

*Be sure to check out the Prezi if you skipped it and read this instead. It has over 100 pics, 3 YouTube videos and about 75 slides.

Morning Sunshine:
wow - this is great.  Makes me want to switch over to quail! :P

THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Great job Brad. 

Your interview is the reason I started raising quail.  I'm up to 17 2 week old Pharaohs and 10 adult Texas A & Ms.  They are fun and I'm learning something every day.

Thanks for the inspiration,



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