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What is your favorite tree and why?

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Just kind of polling the crowd here. 

I/you could go a few directions with this one.  I have some fond memories of figs and magnolias trees as a kid.  And the Wye Oak is one of my favorite for its sheer majesty. 

But I'd say my favorite is a mulberry.  An old neighborhood had a couple of them that grew along the edge of some of the common grounds.  They were fairly thin/small trees.  But a couple of summers ago I volunteered at a urban community garden for a couple of work days.  They had a huge tree in the center of their property.  I'd guess the thing had a 20-30' shady cover. 

Pros:  tasty fruit, versatile fruit, lots of fruit, easy propagation, adjusts to environment, drought tolerant, attacks birds (birds like them more than blackberries).

Cons:  fruit stains

David in MN:
Well I might well say my apple. But it can't be. As much as I love the MN honeycrisp I prefer more complex apple varietals. So my best tree doesn't make the cut.

I think my hazelnut. I like going into winter with a few pounds of hazelnuts to make desserts.

My favorite landscape tree is the linden.  It has a nice shape, and when it blooms it perfumes the area.  The bees love it, and they make a nice honey from the nectar.  The tree hums with all the pollinators during blossom time.  My favorite food tree is probably the chestnut.  It looks good, and I love chestnuts. 

I love Fig trees because I love figs and Magnolias just because but I despise the seed cones, worse than pine cones on lawnmower blades. Mulberry trees you couldn't give me one not even a non-bearing mulberry. Most are gone from the neighborhood now but one neighbor still has one. You get one bird eating the mulberries and you get a thousand little trees starting to grow.

In my neck of the woods we don't have much variety.

The choices are Birch, Aspen, Willow, Spruce, and Alder.
Out of those choices, I think Aspen is my favorite to look at. Birch is my favorite to cut down to heat my house. Alder is my favorite for grilling.

Once you get out of Interior Alaska, I think my favorite is probably Maple or Oak.


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