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Let's See a Design Map of your Property and all Learn from it

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Hello, everyone.  Thanks for your help with things I have asked about so far.  I have been looking at allot of different resources to try to figure out how to lay out my new homestead to be a more efficient permaculture based property.  I've been working on drawing up some plans on maps of my property and have been looking at lots of sample maps others have put up on the web.  I would love to see some sort of drawings or maps of how you all have laid out your homesteads.  I'm sure you have come up with some really great ideas with your land.  So, let's see what you're working with.  When you get time, please  post a drawing or map of how you have your land laid out.  Maybe we can all get some ideas from each other on how we can all make improvements  to our land.  I'm still working on my drawings, and I will get something up on this thread soon of what I am thinking for my land. 

This link is a good resource I have been reading on how to draw up maps: 

Let's see your "master plan" as discussed in the link.

Oh well, I tried.  I thought I might be asking a bit much with that one.  I'll make another thread later to share my plan with you all and see what you all think of my plan.

Morning Sunshine:
it is a great idea for a thread.  but I, for one, have a hard time uploading images and messing with them. ::)

 ;D Thanks.  Oh well, no biggie I tried!

Thank you for the info shared. I would love to follow your progress.
I've worked a bit backwards without the benefits of overall planning, just finding areas that get light and not too rocky to work. I have buried foundations to work around so just dealing with the obvious and experimenting. I think I'm on the right track. I want a sunroom/greenhouse off my kitchen so will have to determine how useful it could be on East side of house.
Again, thanks for whatever you are willing to share. I love to see other's progress.


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