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Privacy Barriers that will feed you too but not grow too tall

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Hello, everyone.  So, I am working on designing my new homestead, and there is something I am wondering about.  I need to plant something to give me a privacy barrier from the road.  Ideally, I would like to grow something that would also produce something that I could eat too.  The other catch is that there are power lines in some areas of this, so I  would need something that doesn't grow too tall.  That may be kind of an oxymoron, since I do need something that would grow relatively quick but not too tall.  Anyway, what do you have as a suggestion for me on this?  Thanks in advance!

Oh, and I thought I should also add.  The things being tall under the power lines is not necessarily a deal breaker.  I could always back the trees up off the road a little bit so that they aren't under the power lines to cause a problem.  Any ideas for me?

Pigs or chickens ought to make a good barrier,deterrent ...thought you probably want a plant growth to feed from like blackberries.

As long as you don't block access to the poles or the vegetation doesn't get too close to the lines you probably won't have a problem. Check with your power company. Here the power easement is 8' wide at the ground x 8' tall then 16' wide and height to infinity. At least that's how it was explained to me. Noticing the tree trimming around here when the trees get into the lines, the lines are cleared to 2 or 3 ft. below the lowest line.

Hm, out here, the power company will cut by the power lines themselves, and that can often kill or maime the tree, so it is good you are thinking about it before you plant.  You need to find out the easements where you live, the details.

Here in CA they are changing the details, so they never want anything to be within 4 ft of the power lines, and it is expensive to trim, so right now they are clearing to 12' of the power lines and causing alot of drama with homeowners.


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