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Recommended Cheap Coolers

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I use a Coleman Xtreme similar to this:

It works great for our weekend trips. The food stays cold even with the littles getting in there all the time. And we still have plenty of ice at the end of the weekend.

For the price, I can't justify a Yeti. Or anything else for that matter. For less than $50, the Coleman works great. If I was using it for weeks on end, off-grid or something, I might be able to justify a Yeti. But for occasional camping trip, the Coleman is just the ticket. We've had ours for probably 8 years now without any problems at all.

When they talk about longevity, what the hell are they doing to their coolers?  ;D  Amazon sells replacement metal hinges if you want. Handles could break I guess. I don't move my cooler once it's full so I'm not worried about it. I clean it out every time I use it. 

Yetis are known to deliver with lower cost in mind you can go with competition like gizzly   

I just cant get behind Rtic as they seemed to pretty much steal the Yeti design and move manufacturing to China to undercut them. 

I've gone through a couple of the blue coleman coolers and just don't see myself buying another one after the lid gives out on this one.  I'm not sure if my next cooler will be orion as they are really steep, but if it isn't it would be a Yeti. 

Looks like Yeti is sending some of their coolers to foreign nations to be made now too.  That's a little disappointing.  I like to buy American when I can, it's not always an option though.

The longevity of ice and cold things in a cooler is directly proportionate to how often you open the cooler.  I was on a long camping trip with a group of buddies.  I used the Igloo cold max and still had ice a day after their yeti melted.  I did not open the cooler as they did constantly to get beer out.  I take two coolers.  One just for ice to refill later and one for food and drink with an ice layer.  Yeti and rotomolded coolers are much more durable than the basic plastic coolers but cost much more.  I have an RTIC soft side cooler that is crap as far as I am concerned.  There is also another brand of hard cooler called Fatboy that is low cost.  I stick with my light weight Igloo for now, but my life does not depend on my cooler.


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