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Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: BLACK SHIRT on April 15, 2017, 07:46:30 PM ---a good coleman cooler will do just fine.

--- End quote ---
This ^^^   The Coleman Extreme line is both affordable and good at holding ice.


--- Quote from: BLACK SHIRT on April 15, 2017, 07:46:30 PM ---No offense to anyone but Yeti is a rip off, your buying the name. a good coleman cooler will do just fine.

--- End quote ---
I agree.  If I ran a charter fishing service or something like that I'd probably go for the Yeti. But as a regular guy, I can't justify the cost.

I have an Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold 70-quart cooler that works wonderful.  I've camped in 90F temps and still had ice in that cooler on day 5.  I've used this cooler for about 8 years and still like it.  My only negative with it is it will not fit under the tonneau cover of the pickup.  I have another 50 quart model that's wider and shorter and that one doesn't keep things quite as long.  I think it's probably because of the larger surface area of the top of the cooler.

Keep the cooler in the shade and minimize the time that the cooler is open.

I use a 70 quart Coleman Xtreme. Had it for 3ish years. Walmart has them for 50$ Last camping trip I filled up with ice and after 6 days still had ice. It was outside in the shade, April in Texas.

Those yeti's are nice, no denying that. Is it 350$ better? No.

Forgot to add, I bought it on sweethome's recommendation.

Okay, so I had seriously crossed off any cheap coleman coolers as an option, but seeing as some of you guys are doing just fine with them, I have looked back into those kind of coolers as options.

I've been checking out that site some more and came across a page on the best cheap coolers , which mentions a lot of different coolers just like the coleman and igloo.  While I know a lot of you guys have had good experiences, they seem to drive home the fact that they probably won't last, and it's making me want to go with the Rtic which they also mention.

Anyone have experience with the Rtic and care to share your experience?
Or...anyone with a cheap plastic cooler under $100 care to share a counter opinion?

That Igloo I showed I've been using for at least 8 years.  The rectangular cooler I mentioned is pretty close to the one that ChrisFox showed.  I've had that for about 5 years.  The Ice Cube is used about like most people use a cooler, taken camping about monthly for 7 months out of the year and several other times.  The rectangular one is tossed into the back of the truck every week for my wife to grocery shop, taken on the same camping trips that the Ice Cube goes on, and since it fits well under the tonneau cover is used on every trip we take with the truck.  Both are in great shop.

When articles talk about longevity of the cooler, you have to look at cost along with it.  The 65 quart RTIC cooler lists at $200 on the RTIC site.  The Coleman 65 quart "extreme" coolers has a MSRP of $70, I couldn't quickly find a MSRP on the Igloo.  My Igloo is 8 years old and unless something drastic happens, I expect at least 2 more years out of it.  So that RTIC cooler needs to last at least 25 years for it to be worth it to me to pay the difference in price.  It might last that long, but I'd expect to want a new cooler before I have it for that long.


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