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Sealed Lead Acid vs A123 and Bioenno LiFePO4 Performance Comparison


we have definetely have entered the age of the lithiums.

in some cases the cost vs performance  is right upto the AGM batteries

Alan Georges:
Yeah, pretty much that clinches the case.  And the blue ones even come with PowerPoles already installed. 8)

Thanks for posting that video link.

Shows that NOW lithiums are worth the extra money due to HIGHER VOLTAGE 12.8 ,longer lifetime,and great capacity.

also regarding the LifePO4 chemistry....
they have the flattest voltage-state of charge curve.

the difference is 3.7-3.5 per cell.
Lihium Cobalt/magnanese is 4.2-3.6 (3.6 being conservative, to get al the capacity yuo must go lower)
AGM, I do not have the time to look up.

With Li-Co you soon enter the voltage range that the radio suffers 3x3.6 or you may be too high when 4s when full (4x4.2). So a DC-Dc converter is need. Not with LiFePO4


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