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Super Antenna MP1C All Band HF VHF Ham,NO TUNER NEEDED

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Clinging Bitterly:
I have this antenna, I bought the kit on Amazon which has the 80M coil, the titanium wire whip, and the tiny screw together tripod (along with the standard telescopic whip and the c-clamp mount).

I travel by air fairly often and I wanted something I could put in a kit (along with my FT-817ND) in a thin attache' dropped into my regular luggage.   This fits the bill with it's light weight and knocked down length of 12".   I didn't think the titanium whip would fit in my space limitations but I found it could easily coil into a 12" circle and drop into the attache' along with everything else, and it is certainly more rugged than the telescopic so I keep it in the travel case along with everything else.   Here are the things I like most about this antenna:

Low impact - with the included tripod this antenna is entirely self supporting.   Many of us are also fond of wire antennas such as the classic 9:1 un-un fed random wire, but with that we need tree(s) or other support to get the wire into the air.   This antenna stands on it's own, you go into a park or wherever and you don't need to disturb anything in your surroundings, just screw the pieces together, lay out your counterpoise wires, stand it up on it's feet and operate.

High Q, high efficiency, no tuner needed - this antenna is basically a screwdriver antenna without the electric motor.   Though the radiating element is only 7' long the performance on 20M and above is almost equal to a full size vertical antenna, and it is no slouch on 40M.   This is superior to most of the "wander lead" adjustable loading coil antennas from Buddipole, Outbacker, MFJ and various Chinese manufacturers, select the right counterpoise wire (or just use them all) and move the sleeve up or down the coil to tune to resonance in seconds.    Mo magic "all band no tuner" gimmicks here (resistors), you tune to resonance all the fire goes to the wire.  Use the telescopic whip without the coil and adjust for length to have a full size vertical for 6M, 2M, 1.25M, or 70CM, no goofy lobes directing most of your power to the sky (or the ground) to be absorbed.

True vertical antenna, low angle, works DX - needs no explanation.

There are still times and circumstances where you will like your wire and un-un or whatever else you use, but the MP-1 will generally get you farthest on the higher HF bands.

Clinging Bitterly Karma for you,Great post supporting the antenna I have had such success . I use a larger speaker support tripod now as I often mount different antennas and find it more stable in wind and weight capacity of 125 pounds will hold most any antenna. I understand the need to be more portable for air travel and the MP1 is hard to beat for a portable antenna.


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