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Super Antenna MP1C All Band HF VHF Ham,NO TUNER NEEDED

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The Super Antenna MP1C is a manually tuned antenna that can be used on 40 meter HF through UHF with adjustment or re-configuring .
I have used this and a similar Blue Star antenna for many successful contacts as a portable and or mobile antenna.
I use a 5 inch magnetic mount when the auto is not being driven,or the vice grip mount for metal fences,old vehicles etc...
or a 3/8 x 24 mount on a $10 camera tripod with 3 or more 17 foot long radials/counterpoises in place.

 The 7 feet tall antenna is very effective for it's small comparative size and often within a DB of a full half wave dipole. This antenna
is a great portable antenna at about 2 pounds and takes down to under a foot long fits nicely into the welding rod case I picked up
at Harbor Freight. The antenna can be deployed within a few minutes and ,with the measure provided,be tuned pretty close to your desired match
without need of an SWR meter or analyzer. This is a real plus when a tuner is not desired or this worth $130 ???

When I compare it to a 7 foot tall HF MFJ or Workman mobile whip the signals compare favorably ,but the single band antennas are narrow banded
and the super antenna is the single band whips are about $25 each when shipped,so the Super Antenna MP1C wins for flexibility
and it can be used as a side mount (horizontal) for NVIS while the fence or auto is stationary...BIG PLUS.

Note that with my LDG auto antenna matcher I was able to use a single 20 meter (or 40 meter) MFJ whip antenna on 10 through 40 meters about
as effective as the tunable Super Antenna...I still rather use wire antennas,but for speed and ease of deployment...these portable antennas are GREAT!

I also have added a BuddiPole whip that is nearly 3 feet longer than the provided whip and does improve the received signal significantly...for a $12 whip
that feels much sturdier...well worth the price.Note that I did sleve my antenna with heat shrink for glare and rattle reduction.

Super Antenna MP1C

MFJ HF Whip:

Smurf Hunter:
You've caught my interest. 

Things I like:

works on many bands
adjustable for use without tuner

The common 3/8x24 mount is nice as well, though running 3+ 17' counterpoise wires does add a little more deployment effort in some situations.

All that said, this style of antenna seems like it should be accessible to the operator for adjustment.  If it was mounted atop a sailboat mast, it would seem a serious hassle if you wanted to change bands, and climb up and tweak the antenna configuration :)

Since you've demonstrated to me and other new(er) hams the effectiveness of cheap homemade antennas, $130 seems a little steep, but we're paying for flexibility.

I've seen these antennas of Carls! For the price and construction, they are quite the antenna! I haven't seen them in use, but I am sure they performed just fine! The entire setup is extremely simple and portable! (Note the giant "matchbox" container he's able to store the antenna in).

I will say this, something I hadn't seen, nice touch Carl, on adding the heatshrink to the antenna. Serves both a functional and a cosmetic appeal for the antenna! Awesome report! Definitely wanna order a set for myself one day! I know how well certain antennas work as apparent by my use of the MFJ Apt. Antenna! I think this would be better and even more portable!


With the 'erector set' commonality of 3/8 x 24 antenna parts a lot can be done...I like some parts from the BUDDIPOLE...

As the whips and mast sections are good and the shock cord whips are cool...I also like the Super Antenna coil ,for adjustment,better as it is slide adjustable EASIER and can be adjusted by tuning for highest noise while listening or by the provided measure. For a lower cost adjustable coil the WOLF RIVER COIL is OK

But when you add up the cost...the Super Antenna MP1C is a smoother/lower overall cost unit...I have the BLUE STAR(about $100),a SUPER ANTENNA MP1C ($130)and also Wolf River coil ($60)and find the Super Antenna MP1C as a bargain for function and utility...though I could get by with the single band whips if I had too.

Also HUSTLER makes threaded sections for antennas and this is something to collect pieces and parts for at Ham fests etc as cost NEW for many of these small parts is crazy with shipping...but I started collecting a few years ago and have you beat for parts ...for now. Here is ann idea someone may want to follow up on for a portable option...

I also must add,that a coil can be made on a piece of PVC and utilized with a gator clip as a selector/tuner...but not nearly as easy as the ready made Super Antennas MP1C and I bet the coil could be bought alone...but the full antenna is worth the price as a stationary antenna and it is top rated at a portable Ham users sight:

A simple photo tripod and a 3/8 x 24 antenna mount...Tripod $10 and mount $7

The VICE GRIP mount and 5 inch magnetic mount can be about $15 each on AMAZON.

And my 40 meter Wolf River coil

Note the slider to adjust and plastic screw to lock adjustment.


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