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dog poop and chickens

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We allow our chickens to free range a little and when they do so they are with the dog.  She is a nut and runs around lake a crazy.  She does not chase the chickens as such but does move quickly near them.  She also likes to herd them normally when we are trying to get them to move in the first place.  That is fun to watch.  The dog does protect them, or we think that is what she does (shoe could have a few screws loose).  She chases anything that flies.  Picture a dog running at full tilt with her head pointed straight up barking like mad.  Again fun to watch.

As mentioned she does not eat the Chicken poop but roll in it.  Then comes in and rubs in my face.  That is NOT fun.  I think Blue Healer or Blue Lacey mean snuggle, but I have not found it in the dictionary.

It is by breed and to some level by dog as to how they will react to the Chickens.

I think I would move the dog area, or the chicken area. Not combine them because it sounds like it would be a pain in the arse.
Have you got other areas where you can put the chicken tractor??


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