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Are airguns any good for self defense? real or psychological?

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Nice video cygnus. Over 300 feet and still going through a 1/2 or 3/4 inch board. Not bad at all. That raises that rifle in my estimation. That have a newer version with a synthetic stock that has slots just in front of the trigger and behind the foregrip that hold two loaded mags for quick relading.
   That's suprisingly more powerful than I was expecting. The accuracy was a bit lacking but at over 300 feet, that's probably to be expected out of that platform.
  And thanks ArmyMars, I was pretty impressed with the idea too. I was thinking that a sleeve for something like a 50 cal sam yang that would convert it to a .357 or a .25.  That would really rocket the pellet. Probably get some serious velocity out of it. You would probably have to recess and chamfer the breech of the barrel sort of like an inverted forcing cone on a revolver so that you get the most airflow possible, it would make it a little wonky to use but it would work. Depending on the design, a standard forcing cone design would work as well.
   Wish I had the money to get one of those hatsans, they look fun.

Yes! Surprising was not my first thought, but, Surprising for sure. When I saw that video for the first time I was laughing in disbelief. That is over 500' at 171 meters and I believe that distance is true  based on the time delay between fire and hit. Without going too far out of bounds for the discussion you have proposed, then, I will proffer that this would be quite an effective air gun for HSD, and, I will add that HSD is rarely in the 500' area so accuracy should be quite good at, say, 50'. That is not substantiated of course.

Heck...lets see a top 5 airgun list...that one would keep in the closet for HSD. Also, remember you log onto amazon, press "order" and it arrives at your door; none of the Obamanomics or recently imposed gyrations to go through....there I go stepping towards that podium again; shameless.

I'm repeating myself when I say some folks are probably misinterpreting the ballistics of some of the modern airguns....this doodad here, the BT65, is quite a tool!

well if i was going use a .25 itb would have to be the  evanix  mentioned above. there's one made by evanix, the conquest, its a 9mm 7 shot pcp. its battery powered but so is the rogue an the conquest is smaller. i will post more on this later.

If you happen to be holding an air gun at the moment of the attack it might be great self defense tool

I just recently educated myself of air rifles and was quite surprised to see just how awesome they really are, an air rifle would definitely come in handy if something bad happened, in wooded areas with good camo or urban areas you could do some damage. In WW2 they used .22's and there's even stories of pellet guns being used to hit the enemy in the face at close distances to stay silent while others acted as distractions with real weapons. A .25 caliber air gun round i believe would easily kill someone if hit in the vital areas or stomach area, they are powerful little weapons, especially the ones they have today. I would love to buy one like the FX models with a longer barrel for a longer range setup if i had the money because they are really pretty quiet and about as accurate as it gets at 50 yrds, i think you can get some kind of suppressor or mods to make them even more quiet. They're light as well so it would be a very useful backup gun to carry with you in a war type scenario, I'd argue them being more useful than a backup hand gun in outdoor fighting anyways.


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