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Today I will:

Buy another 20 bucks worth of canned food at the dollar store.  (I am an outside salesman on the road),
I will tend my smallish garden, I will Listen to today's podcast, get some insight from the Michael Savage radio talk show, check my batteries to make sure they are topped off, and pray tonight for peace and at the same time ask the lord to give me strength to do what I have to I can do what I want to do.

I got my new commuter bike (pedal powered) for my new daily commute to school.  I'm returning to college after a nine year hiatus.  So I'm preparing for a better life in several ways.  I'm decreasing my gas usage, I'm preventing additional wear on my car, I've invested in an alternate form of transportation, I'm now getting more daily exercise, I'm coupling my daily ride with public transportation (I believe the more people use something, the harder it is to take away), and I'm increasing my marketability in an increasingly competitive job market my finishing my bachelor's degree.   

Sometimes preparations are more than stockpiling ammo.  Although I did that too last weekend!

Congrats DrGonzo on returning to school, wise move.
   Today I spent no money!!!!!  And even pulled my annual credit report to check it over.  A friend gave me a cot and mattress for the deer camp for this winter.


I walked about 5 miles. Towards the end due to wanting to just get home and rest I took off the headphones and started thinking about my GHB. Thanks to this changes are in order such as adding more food and water. I just realized it would take me much longer to walk home then I thought since it is one thing to gauge how far you can by how fast you can walk a mile compared to how much time it takes to walk several miles.

Yippee, I just got in 20 rolls of Kerlix, payed 15 shipped.



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