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I decided to do a post and sticky it about this.  We seem to get quite a few people coming to the forum via Google and the like that at first don't know about the podcast itself.  Additionally I have seen on other forums that when TSP and our forum are mentioned there are often those who think we have "private areas of the forum for paying members only".  So this should set the record strait and inform new forum members about MSB and how little it has to do with the forum.

1.  Members Support Brigade is NOT TIED to your forum membership.  There is nothing to "sync", your logins are different and will always be.  The only connection between the forum and MSB is this one board for discussion of the MSB.  I do that mostly for convenience of all and so non members can see what is going on behind the curtain.    Hence if you join the Brigade you just log in there to get your exclusive content there is nothing you need to do with your forum account at all, ever.

2.  Members Support Brigade is first and foremost a way to support the show so that I can make it better and keep building it up.  I started MSB because people asked to donate money and I did not want to build the show based on charity and insisted in giving something extra to members.  To this day I have refused any and all "donations of support".  

3.  There are real benefits beyond support.  I have about 12 members only videos and even though I now put videos on YouTube I will continue to do members only videos.  Additionally I just added a  LIFETIME "discount club membership" from a major unnamed supplier to the preparedness industry along with a series of eBooks.  So in addition to my videos you now get over 64 dollars of retail value as a member on day one.  Hence membership pays for itself in year one.  There are many vendors talking to me about providing more, in time I want to make a 60 dollar a year membership worth hundreds in discounts and soft products.  

4. I can not over state this, as per item #1 being a member or MSB doesn't give you even one speck of privilege on this forum.  No special rights are implied or given.  

5.  Yes you can pay by check but only for a one year or longer period of time.  Manual invoicing and entry is to tedious to do monthly, etc.   To pay by check go to the "Join Page"  -  - and click on the pay by check button, print out the form and mail it in with your payment.  

6.   Most people use PayPal and we prefer that (for now) if you change your credit card on file with PayPal THEY CANCEL every recurring subscription you have.  Our system will send you a cancel notice but rest assured we never cancel anyone unless you cut off payment of cancel on your end.  

7.  You can indeed cancel any time you wish and your account will stay active until the end of term.  Hence if you paid for a year on July 1st and canceled on July 2nd your account will stay active and you will have access until July 1st of the following year.  

8.  Do to a bug we have yet to find on rare occasions we have a member just vanish and then they can't log in.  If they happens just email me or use the contact form at the MSB site and make sure to tell me your menthod of payment and if by PayPal the PayPal email you used.  I simply manually reenter you and set your expiration date based on your original subscription.  

9.  Membership gives you access to the Brigade's resources there is no accumulation of credit etc.  Hence if PayPal cancels you or your payment fails for any reason and you get canceled and want back in, just sign back up when your term is over.  You won't loose anything and it won't cost a dime more then it would have anyway.

10.  The MSB badges you see in the forum are all member created.  You are free to create your own or use the ones that others are willing to share.  If in doubt PM the person displaying the badge before you just use it.  

11.  The reason I built a revenue model on listeners instead of sponsors (listeners revenue is 90% of the total and advertisers is 10%) is so the show will always answer first to the audience.  I love our sponsors and they are all personal endorsements as well as vetted for approval by the forum mods.  That said the show is about the listener, not the host, not the sponsor.  Many media outlets become somewhat controlled by commercial interests.  By working on a listener supported model with everyone paying an equal share, no one party can influence the show.  Hence consider an MSB membeship like a "one share" in the show.  Some companies are "employee owned", while the show is not directly owned by the audience they definitely have ownership in it.  MSB is one way that is empowered.

Any remaining questions just ask!


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