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Covid- 19 Staycation What have odd things have you run out of?

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We doubled our white flour stock to 100# this time. We use trump's (brand) white flour to bust up our hand ground whole wheat flour a bit.
That should get us through until about mid next year on white flour.

I'm only at about 50# right now of white flour... need to up that a bit. Plenty of wheat berries, but the whole wheat is easier to work with when you cut it with white flour, imo.

I've been using more flour than some times. Probably mostly because DH has really been loving the sourdough bread since I got my new starter a couple of months ago... I've already shared it with two others locally, so the love just goes around :)

Oh, and in line with the topic... one of my sisters in Denver says she is still not able to find yeast in the stores consistently... I told her to buy bulk online, so that should take care of it, but I do find it surprising.

Hmmm  Going through a lot of flour/ yeast / cooking oil.
and soap 
But I was Prepared for this.

The title is ODD things and this may not be 100% on topic but it was not in my preps and it is not in the stores.  Now I have an issue

Lawn Mower belts. 

I use the ;lawn clippings as part of my Compost and an large active compost pile I consider a Prep item.  Short notice expansion of the Gardens is not possible in my "top soil" with out amendments.  A mower down for 4 to 6 weeks because there are not any belts for the drive train changes things.

What size belt?


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