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Advantages of Prepping With an 18th Century Living History Group.


Advantages of Prepping With an 18th Century Living History Group.
•   Participating in living history activities is fun & educational.
•   Children love living history activities & are able to share the experience with their parents.
•   Children who participate in Historical Trekking become used to carrying their own equipment & getting ready for the trek. IF a shtf situation should arise, the child knows what to do to get ready to leave, no fuss & no worries.
•   As a group member you can train with the local militia which is completely legal & does not attract unwanted attention.
•   You can learn many primitive living & survival skills including flint, steel & tinderbox fire lighting.
•   You can use a variety of period items & learn how to make your own clothing & equipment.
•   You can learn muzzle-loading, archery, sword fighting & tomahawk throwing.
•   You can participate in historical treks & get to actually use your equipment. In this way you are able to choose the right equipment to suit your needs & you will know that it all works.
•   You will learn to set up an oilcloth shelter & construct other primitive shelters.

David in MN:
I agree though I travel in a different circle. I'm a guy who did SCA (before I had a kid) and showed up fully done up as a crusader. Like I made all my maille and all. There used to be a lady round here named after a tree who did that too.

I agree that historical societies are awesome. You learn skills and methods long lost. Such a powerful tool in an era where bread comes from a factory.

Sounds very interesting... Would love to read any articles you have on these treks...

Living history hobby is great prepping source. I've been in this community for over 20 years.


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