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Black Berkey Elements and Highly Fluorinated Chemicals


So I live here, on the base.
Are toxic chemicals at Air Force bases leading to cancer, low birth weight?

Do the Black filters remove highly fluorinated chemicals/PFCs. If not, would the PF-2/4 take care it?

Do the Black filters really last 6K gallons? What happens after that, is it just a slower filtration or does it allow things through?

The black berkey are the best I could find. They would be great in an emergency. If you use red food coloring when you first use the filters. It will filter out all of the red color.  They said to do that to make sure they are working properly from the berkey guys.  And yes, depending on what size berkey you have it will filter 6K gals of water before you have to change the filters. Again that is why the red food coloring. When getting near a lot of uses if the food coloring does not filter out all the way then it is time to replace the filters.  Hope this helps

I did the math and were probably at 6500-7K gallons, so it’s probably a good time to test things. My kids had some friends over and they were commenting on how good the water tasted. It must be pretty bad if kids are asking for seconds on water.


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