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My new drop spindle

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I finally found a drop spindle and some fiber to start learning with.  I also got a book that was recommended by a lady in the spinning class.  I was not there for the class they just had one going on when I went into the store.  I am so excited.  They gave me a quick show of how it works.  She made it look real easy but I know it's not :).  So now I know where to go to get help and fiber.  I got a good beginner one so that if (when) I drop it the spindle won't break.  As I get better I will upgrade to a nicer one.  They were using spinning wheels in the class.  So cool.  Anyway here is my treasures from today's trip.

Have fun with it!


Morning Sunshine:
oh am I jealous.  I think I have to wait to start my spinning obsession until my children are older.

Looks like fun , where did you find it?

That kind of spindle is pretty easy to make. Get a wooden car wheel from a craft store and a dowel. Put a small cup hook on the end. I don't tend to use the hook though, Just a half hitch over the end.



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