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What Did You Harvest Today?

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Alan Georges:
This evening's harvest:

Not big, and maybe 1/4 of the okra had gotten tough, but the peppers'll go into the sauce jars in a day or so and the rest made a nice side-dish at supper.

Morning Sunshine:
well, I don't have pictures, and it was harvested all last week, but I got 50 c of huckleberry puree for jam, so probably about 75 c of berries.  that makes 16 pints and 15 half-pints of jam.

Smurf Hunter:

EDIT BY MR. BILL: I don't know why the linked images won't display here -- maybe because they're 4128x2232 pixels?  Anyway, I've modified this post and the ones below to show the links to the images.

More butternut squash,the figs are fading as are the tomatoes in this heat...carried my AR7 with me to the garden and squirrely and his friend did not recognize I had a the cook pot with butternut,onions,lemon pepper,and a little bacon....yummy for me and Brandi...the dawg.

Smurf Hunter:


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