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Fresnel Lens for Solar Oven

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Not sure if this is the right place to post...mods, please assist.

Came across the Fresnel Lens on ebay while searching for "solar oven" (just to look, I know I can build my own).

Has anybody actually used one of these to either 1. start a fire, or 2. boil water?

I assume by the descriptions I have seen that they are a type of magnifying tool that comes in a wide variety of sizes.

Just checking to see IF anybody has any experience with them and what their opinions are.  I'm THINKING about getting a couple of small ones as a backup for fire starting OR keeping a larger one around the house to assist with boiling water without fire.


I saw a youtube video about them.  They are very powerful and I wouldn't leave it out where just anyone could get to it...oops there goes the house!   Having said that I would like to get one for the purposes you stated.

A full sheet (8.5 x 11) lens might be good to boil water with,..  I would think it would burn food easy.

They did have rather large ones, which I was very curious about.  However, it would seem VERY irresponsible to leave them outside...anywhere.  But they would be AWESOME for boiling water in larger quantities.  Esp since they are not expensive at all.


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