Author Topic: Left the nest!  (Read 1090 times)

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Left the nest!
« on: February 21, 2017, 01:17:02 AM »
Well, after getting my start in this hobby with a pretty great Elmer, Carl, it was time for this "Pork Loin" to leave the nest and venture out on my own!

I've since left N.W. LA and moved further west to S.W. OK! The property I bought has a large wood Storage shack with metal roof on site. Together with the land, has set me up in a good way for the hobby. I've taken the knowledge I've gained and started putting it into practice! What a ride! Thank goodness for Echolink. If a question arises, I can call and talk with Carl or send him an email.

What I've accomplished so far:
Echolink Station
HF rig setup with a W3EDP (until I get my towers up).
Dual band base station
Of course, I joined the local club and have been helping out
Got setup with OK Skywarn

I set everything up a day after I arrived. (Except my dual band, I set that up upon arrival). I built a makeshift desk with particle board and angle brackets. Not really the best setup, but until I could unpack a bunch of boxes and get gear lined up, it had to do.

Since then, I've acquired a large wood desk and setup my shack in a gratifying way. Not too dissimilar to another Ham's setup, (Carl).

What's next? Well, I have to drill a hole and install PVC elbows, to make way for my feedlines and solar cables! I have to install new electrical wiring for the shack as this temporary power setup I have isn't ideal at all! I need to setup my solder station and get all my tools and such out to easy access. Definitely need to install some form of HVAC to combat the extreme weather variations. (Literally 98 one day and 29 with snow the next).

Moving from an apartment to open land and a large home makes this HAM feel happy, happy! It presents some challenges and blessings in one. More to come!

To make this story! I've been out of pocket for awhile, but I hope to bring some stuff to the proverbial "table" in the near future!

Carl has helped me tremendously in this hobby and other common interests! It does pay off to listen to him from time to time! I'm proof! Still gotta lot to learn, but I'm confident it will come with time! (Hi Brandi)!

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Re: Left the nest!
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2017, 03:27:03 AM »
 It is both a happy and yet sad experience to have a child leave the 'nest'.I have lost my 'minion' and fellow antenna experimenter...
the house is mostly quiet except for Brandi's radio and the crackle of the HF radio. I guess it was time that you continue your education
in a more independent location. Now you will have to find your own wire!