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Maybe I Was Wrong About the .40

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Seriously,  buy a gun that you shoot well, in a caliber that you like and rock on.  I, for one, find .40 uncomfortable and relatively slow to shoot in most handguns.  I wouldn't fault anyone for using a larger caliber, but with modern hollow point ammunition I have absolutely no use for .40 for a civilian. 

My 9mm blasters function just fine, even when I use sloppy form.  (So I got that going for me, which is nice)  YMMV, and all of that.

Invest in real training, buy a good quality gun, gear and ammo. Practice with it.  Sally forth and do good things.

Don’t think you can make the case and back it up with data that a .40 is more reliable than a 9mm. In fact I would suggest the opposite tends to be true.
Two similar guns say full size Glock 17/22 the nines generally have less issues. Same Beretta 92/96 9vs 40
The 9s tend to run better longer.
 If you increase the pressure and recoil you increase the beating the frame and small parts are taking that in turn may result in more breaking over time.


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