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The Roland Special: A Concept Gun

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--- Quote from: Chemsoldier on April 29, 2017, 05:01:32 AM ---M&P with an Optics Ready, ported model of the M&P 9mm.

None of these factory ported, optics ready guns will be competitive in open division action pistol competition.  But these do seem to be a minor phenomena.  Perhaps they will take over Open Division in small club matches.

--- End quote ---

Jerry Miculek uses a ported M&P with vortex scope in 3 gun open competition.  He is definitely competitive.   ;)  see here for slow mo:

They are also taking over bowling pin competitions.

I stand corrected, I didn't think the factory porting and slide mounted optic could keep up with a forward of the muzzle and a frame mounted optics.  Wow. 

Looking at it, 170mm aftermarket Glock mags can hold just as much ammo as a 170mm STI 2011 magazine.

Neat.  So "practical" open guns can have comparable sighting systems, magazine capacities as straight race guns.  The triggers likely are different to some degree.  The holster difference is probably pretty big.

Its almost like practical shooting is migrating back around to where it started, in guns that could conceivable be used for defense.

ADDITION: Where does this leave IDPA?  They deliberately left out optics and comps as unrealistic gimmicks that were debasing the sport by taking it away from its practical roots.  They weren't wrong, for a decade or so.

After shooting USPSA for a while I had a hard time going to IDPA matches (where I started competitive shooting).  Once they made it so you couldn't reload on the move it felt like it was really going downhill.  I mean really, I cant drop a mag on an empty gun and run to cover at the same time?

CR Williams:

--- Quote from: chrisdfw on April 15, 2017, 08:59:15 AM ---The red dot is quicker to pick up and adjust than the iron sights at longer distances. It is still not a rifle and beyond 100 yards the drop is too much on a pistol round to make hits in a real world use situation.
--- End quote ---

The fact that it has been done in the real world successfully on more than one occasion is enough of a correction to your opinion for me to dismiss it.

Besides, my (so far) experience is that the drop you have to compensate for is not as dramatic as some have made it out to be. Running a +P or +P+ round instead of standard-pressure also helps to reduce the amount of compensation needed. This is where the compensator provides a definite benefit as well, allowing faster recovery from the higher-pressure rounds that can facilitate accurate long shots.

I suppose I should have been more clear, when I meant beyond 100, I was really meaning 200, 300, etc. I use my red dot to make hits at 100, probably no problem at 120, 140... beyond that its the wrong tool, at least for me


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