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The Roland Special: A Concept Gun

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Looks a lot like the Glock 19 i keep by my bed. I have a milled slide with trijicon red dot, extended threaded barrel and TLR1s light. The only difference is i don't have a compensator on it, but rather have a suppressor nearby (but not attached)

Perhaps we are seeing a little more than concept gun now?

The first is nearly a year old

A cheaper system, the RMR will cost more than the gun.

While these are cast as out of the box race guns, it is worth noting that other forces may be moving the demand (if there is any).  Neither of these guns (nor the Roland Special for that matter would be competitive in Open class in USPSA Open division, The 3-Gun classes that allow comped pistols, or are even allowed in IDPA.  On the other hand the big names (Glock and Smith) have yet to make factory guns that are comped AND optics ready.

I think the interesting thing is that this may be a more significant change in capability compared to prior combat pistol modifications.
Many handgun modifications to optimize for combat such as those suggested by Fitzgerald, Jordan, Gaylord, Fairbairn and Sykes, Cooper, Cirillo and a few others focused on grips, some iron sight changes, some trigger mods and small mods to make the gun more snag free on the draw.  They made the basic gun a little more shootable in most situations, or perhaps a higher degree more shootable in specific situations.  The red dot really enhances the realistic range of the pistol (I will define as the range at which a shooter can quickly engage a target of a certain size).  Does this modification, plus the aggregate of that modification and all the small advantages of the other modification represent a real step forward in capability for handguns?

I don't have the time to do the digging but I imagine a decent way to get as some stats is to pull the results from USPSA matches.  USPSA has hundreds of standard stage designs that match directors use.  With USPSA standing up a Carry Optics division you could compare runs on given stages between similar guns and classes of shooters in Production (nearly stock 10 round mag limit), Carry Optics divisions (nearly stock, 10 round limit, slide mounted optics allowed) and Open divison (allows many modifications including comps, slide and frame mounted optics,etc).

Yes, it does enhance the capability of the pistol to make hits at longer distance quickly.

The red dot is quicker to pick up and adjust than the iron sights at longer distances. It is still not a rifle and beyond 100 yards the drop is too much on a pistol round to make hits in a real world use situation.

It is a better tool for 15-100 yard shots quickly than iron sights. Its a trade off as you end up with a slightly less concealable weapon.


--- Quote from: chrisdfw on April 15, 2017, 08:59:15 AM ---. It is still not a rifle and beyond 100 yards the drop is too much on a pistol round to make hits in a real world use situation.

--- End quote ---

This is a very weak argument. Drop is easily compensated for, and sights have been made with inset bars on the face for just such a purpose. A marker or nail polish works just as well, but isn't permanent. It's easier with revolvers due to the taller front site, but can be done just the same with an autoloader. IIRC, my handloads through my CZ 9mm's require me to hold all of front sight out of the slot at 100 yards. Beyond that distance, it's simply a matter of picking an appropriate point above the target as the POA.

That said, if I have need of a handgun beyond 100 yards, I sure don't want to be handicapped with a short barreled 9mm. I'd much prefer my 6" or longer barreled .357 mags, .44 mag, or heavy loaded .45 colt.

For really long shots the consistency of a lighter round can help.  Jerry Miculek's famous 1000 yard shot used his namesake 9mm revolver with a 6.5 inch barrel and vortex razor red dot.  The use of moon clips enables the speed in reloads.  Net it is the same general concept but in revolver form.


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