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+1 Sawzall... thanks for the tips. I wouldn't have thought of couponing for some of those things!

The Dollar Tree has just started taking Manufactures coupons.   

There may be some really good deals this way.  Be careful to make sure the package sizes match up!

The holiday season is always a good time to coupon and stock up on items, because every company out there is competing for your money with coupons, sales and rebates. There are rebate sites on the net that will tell you what items or companies have rebates listed currectly, so you can find the coupons and match it to sales to save money. I know some people hate messing with rebates because you don't see the money savings immediately, but you will and it can save you a LOT of money.

My favorite coupon website is You can go there and choose the stores that you normally shop at, and it will tell you the best deals to get for that week's sale. It works even better if you shop at more than one store. They also have a mailing list that alerts you to daily deals at stores and online. They also post free samples for "rare" and "high value" coupons that you can print off, like chicken and organic produce.

I saw some people say they can't get coupons because they live in a small town, and their papers don't have coupon inserts. You will never find coupons in your small town local paper, only in the large big name city papers.  Here is what you need to do... go to a national chain store, such as *cringes* Wal-mart, or Kroger. They usually carry other papers, like The New York Times. You want to buy the newspaper for the nearest BIG city. My aunt out in no man's land can pick up a copy of The Columbus Dispatch to obtain coupons. You just have to find out which store nearest you, carries it. This is a site I recommend using if you plan on ever printing your coupons. I don't have time to explain it all, but basically you earn points by printing your coupons through them. They also give you points for using their search system. You can cash in these points for gift cards... to buy more printer ink! Also remember if you print coupons, that you are generally allowed to print two coupons per computer and laptop. CouponDivas also has a coupon search engine so you can look up coupons, and they will tell you where to find them, or print them off.

If a store has a sale for Buy One, Get One you are generally allowed to use two coupons, but read your coupons carefully to find out for sure.
If you have two Buy One, Get One Free Coupons, you can use two, and get both items for free at certain stores.
These are just two tricks of the trade.. there are others.
The single most important thing you can do in regards to couponing, is find, print and read the coupons policies for the stores you shop at. The 5 minutes it takes can save you thousands of dollars a year and keep your family well prepared and stocked up in case of emergencies.

I thought I would add that you can often get your coupons for free if you visit a convenience store first thing Monday. Stores generally tally up the papers they don't sell, and get them ready to be thrown out. You can just ask for the extras. People often ask for the old newspapers for puppy training, so it's not a strange request at all. This website shows you what the coupons will be a day or two before the Sunday paper is sold. This allows you to better plan your shopping trip, or even decide if you want to buy the paper for that week. You may find high value coupons, and decided you need to buy even more newspapers than normal to get advantage of all the sales. It also will alert you as to when there won't be any coupons, generally around the holidays. Plus it can let you know if there are any extra coupons for that week, like the monthly Proctor & Gamble one, or one from Pepsi, or Target.

Thanks for the hints. We watched a couple episodes of Extreme Couponing show on TV and got to work. Last week we saved $7.50 on 60 bucks of groceries and I was some happy! We do not have stores that double coupons around here. I had a buck off some peanuts at walmart, gave the coupon up front with the bottle. The clerk rang us thru and then said oops, I missed the coupon, maybe next week. I was not pleased. We had to stand in line at the service desk to get the buck back. Next time I will pay attention before we pay!


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