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Can you use two coupons on one item?

I saw that Coupon show watched it once didnt get how they saved so much

One thing to remember is that when you have 3 or more months of food and supplies stocked up, you have enough in your rotation to not have to buy anything unless it's on sale or you have a coupon for it. This leads to being able to do a lot more profitable shopping!

Thanks for the link, Atrus138.  I have not heard of Angel Food Ministries, but it looks like a lot of food for the money.  I will definitely check them out soon.

You'll find more links and money-saving ideas on the food board coupon thread here:

Maybe I need to revisit this whole coupon angle but I'm skeptical.

I've never had much success with couponing - 90% of the ones I see are for stuff I don't use (processed foods, overpriced brand names, cosmetics, kids stuff). The two grocery stores within an hour's drive do not accept internet coupons, our weekly paper does not have coupons and while I try to time our trips to Costco (2½ hrs., one-way) to their coupon booklets, it rarely works out because we only make that trip about three or four times a year.

I have tried subscribing to the St. George paper for the inserts but it was a waste of money - mostly crap I wouldn't use even if it were free.  :(  What do you guys get with the coupons you find?


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