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Good morning everyone. I would like to let everyone know that CVS gives extra bucks for filling your prescriptions at their pharmacy. It is $1 for every two prescriptions. If you peruse their ad in the Sunday paper and buy items that you need, and I stress NEED, not just want, that have extra bucks you can save some money down the road. I used my extra bucks to get 4 bottles of laundry detergent that was on sale and I paid .50 out of pocket.

Walgreens also has a program that is similar in that you get register rewards. I don't shop there as often so I am not as good with the register rewards. Again, it really only saves money if you are buying items you need. If you buy just to get the extra bucks or register rewards you don't get the full benefit of the programs.

It does take some time to figure out the "deals", but let me tell ya, when you walk out of the store with 4 bottles of laundry detergent that cost you .50, there is a big smile on yer face and your stash looks way better when those 4 bottles get put on the shelf!!  :)

Great tips.  Thanks everyone.

Anytime I buy something online, I visit first and enter the website address I'm buying from. It pulls up a list of coupon codes and discounts available for the website you enter.

For those of you with tight budgets, check out Angel Food Ministries:

You get a LOT of food for dirt cheap.  Here's this month's menu (for only $30):

I read that they don't accept government money (but I can't find the link).  It is cheap because they buy their stuff in bulk.

Saw this on Youtube

It's a similar "coupon queen" story. What was interesting was that she used two coupons for two boxes of talapia fillets. This would not work in the UK though as nearly all coupons state either "only one coupon per customer" or "only one deal per customer". :'(

Chicago Coupon Queen Saves Thousands - How She Does It


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