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jenny sue:
I just wanted to agree that you can get so many toiletries for free.  At any given time, our local Kroger has either Crest, Colgate or Aquafresh for $1.00, and that's free if you have the coupon.

I buy 2 copies of my local paper (half the price of the big city sunday paper, and it has the same coupons)  and cut as many as I think I'll use.  The key is to hold on to them, have them ready and organized, and wait for the item to go on sale.   I've gotten so much stuff for free- I had over 100 bars of Johnson & Johnson Buddies soapat one time!  When it piles up, I donate a lot of excess toiletries to our local food pantry at the church and the Mental Health assoc. that makes Christmas stockings for disabled people here in my county.

I don't use any online coupon services.  People have recommended some websites, but I don't like to register my information or use up printer ink to print them out.  It's a "draw" if I use up a $40.00 printer cartridge to save 75 cents on cat food.

Don't be picky about name brands.  If you want to give yourself a small luxury, go ahead and use the more expensive fabric softener.  Me, I'll take the cheapy stuff. 

I'm new to the forum and just thought I'd say HEY and throw my two cents in.  Well, I'm cheap, so it's actually one cent.


--- Quote from: nafterize on July 07, 2009, 04:56:14 PM ---Coupon newbie here - how do you double coupons? Do you take two to the store to use on one item or can stores just scan the same coupon twice?

--- End quote ---

You have to go to the stores that advertise the double coupons, and they will double the value of your coupon.

The Post Office has moving kits that contain coupons.
The most useful coupon, for me anyway, is a 10% off coupon for Lowe's and Home Depot, in my area anyway, will take Lowe's coupons as a competitors coupon.
There are also coupons for Best Buy and local places as well.
The moving kits seem to be based a bit on region so the coupons you find may be a bit different.

Also websites like slick deals have coupons forums.

Also look at the freebies and hot deals forums.
The freebies forum has a sub forum for free magazines. And not just the *&#^&* ones.
In the past I have gotten subscriptions to Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Horticulture, Wood, Woodcraft and a bunch of others.

I'll throw Fat Wallet out there as another good resource. Similar to Slick-Deals.

Just my 2 cents.

Hope it helps


--- Quote from: mudhole on July 07, 2009, 06:07:55 PM ---  And I'm a 6 foot 230lb, tattooed biker.

--- End quote ---

Man I would love to be behind you at the cashier and just watch the snotty check out gal try to give you a rough time because you're using coupons! 

I like using coupons and have had some good experiences, but we don't get the great deals that the US gets (CVS, double coupon days, Sunday paper coupons, etc.) What I find is that some stores don't train their cashiers well enough on coupon policy.  A person really needs to know each stores coupon policy and not be afraid to challenge the store staff on it. And then you get the attitude from the cashiers....I can do without that.  I let other customers go in front of me if I see they have few items, I try to keep things as organized as possible, but some make you feel as though it's a real imposition!

Dene B.:
The stores that double and triple coupons sometimes have their prices so high to begin with that there is not as good of a savings as I'd like to find.  However, I do keep all of my 50 cents and under coupons in a separate coupon book just for trips to these stores.

Today Albertson's had a great sale on Angel Soft TP and Bounty Paper Towels.  I happened to have 50 cents off coupons for both products, so I got the sale price minus $1.00 on each item for a really sweet deal.

At Kroger's I found Capri Sun drinks (the ones I put in my kids' lunch boxes) on sale for $1.49.  I had a 50 cents off coupon that was doubled, so I got a case of Capri Sun for 49 cents.

There's a great sale going on right now at our area Albertson's stores.  They're running a special on Quaker products (Oat Meal, Cereal, Aunt Jemima's pancake mix complete, Syrup, Granola, Muffin bars, Regular and Instant Oat Meal..).   Using a coupon in their weekly sales paper, you get $3.00 off 5 items (mix/match).  Using this I bought 5 boxes of Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake Mix for $5.   The instant oatmeal and syrup is a little higher, but you can still get 5 items for $7. 

Also look for frozen veggies on sale at Albertson's for 69 cents/bag.  You can take most frozen vegetables and put them directly in your food dehydrator for a great long-term storage solution.



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