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Patriot:Ex Machina:
If you are an AK or an AR guy, or heck even if you're not...if you a just a regular civilian who wants some good rifle and handgun training but doesn't really want to get into all the fringe "Militia/paramilitary" training, check out Gabe Suarez's site. He hold live classes on the AK rifle system as well as AR and handgun classes as well. I've got several of his DVDs and really enjoy them.
He's not one of those guys who tells you to go out and buy $250 black tactical vests and infrared night vision. On the contrary, he teaches the civilian classes from the aspect of "You're a civilian, not a soldier...don't fool yourself."and above all, "Keep it simple, stupid!"
 He talks about casual looking gear, and blending in with your surroundings.
I would love to go to a live class one day. One day maybe!  ;D
Anyhow, check it out:

Nice, thanks.

That looks perfect for my wife & I to get some practical info about using our AR's.

Patriot:Ex Machina:
He's a pretty practical guy, from the articles I've read that he's written and from his DVD
He never comes out and totally says, "This is what may work if the SHTF" but he takes it from the standpoint of good defense training for a disaster, he even discusses,several times,Hurricane Katrina and the issues those folks faced.

I have hosted Gabe as a trainer probably 5-6 times. I use many of the techniques he teaches, some I do not use as I have others that I favor. His range safety is not as rigid as some instructors, that never bothered me all that much because I knew personally just about every person in my classes and had trained with them before but in a more "open" environment I could see where it might be an issue.

Know that Gabe is somewhat controversial. He comes with a certain amount of baggage that is important to some people, less so to others like myself. I suggest you Google on this and make your own decisions, we're all adults. On a personal level I can say that everything that he ever told me was absolute truth and he was honest in all of our dealings together.

I was one of the first students he ever had who was using an AK in a rifle class, this was back in 2003 before everybody and their brother was using them in UR. He has since come up with a pretty good curriculum and set of skills based around the platform. If he is teaching close to you it is worth the cost to go.

Patriot:Ex Machina:
Thanks for the insight, Lawyerman.
Describe some of the class if you could.


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