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Title: Our policy on promoting your own firearms training courses
Post by: Mr. Bill on August 26, 2011, 03:09:49 PM
Our general policy on self-promotion and spam applies in this board:

SELF-PROMOTION AND SPAM:  Members may place a link to their personal or business websites/blogs in their Profile.  After you have participated here for a while, you will have access to the Links, Resources and Blogs ( board, where you can plug your own survival-related website.  Buying/selling/trading of goods or services is restricted to the Swap Meet ( board (please see Posting In The Swap Meet Board (  If the moderators determine that you are posting here primarily to get free advertising for your business dealings or your website, we may delete your posts, remove your links, and/or ban you from the forum.

Having said that, we recognize that announcements of firearms training courses are, in general, a benefit to the forum and its members.  If you are a professional who offers this service, you may post occasional announcements in this board.

Moderators may edit, combine, or delete your posts if they are felt to be excessive.  If you'd like to use TSP forum for frequent advertising and customer support, please contact Jack about obtaining a Sponsored Board for your business.