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Very well written CH, very well indeed. +1

And a +1 from me as well.  Excellent post!

Most impressive......Well stated, almost as if there is a connected conscientious among many members of the forum.


--- Quote from: ColdHaven on May 30, 2009, 12:53:26 PM ---We are modern survivalists and we help each other grow.
--- End quote ---
That's a good post, but I think this line needs some concentration.  It's important to note he didn't say "We are modern survivalists and we will help ourselves grow." I don't think isolationism has a part in modern survivalism.  I think as this modern survivalism scene continues to grow, it's going to take a much more favorable view of community involvement.  We all can't have this bunker down and stay hidden mentality.  I keep hearing the key to turning this situation around is becoming more self sufficient.  If we collectively do that in our communities, where the numbers can make a difference, we certainly won't need to isolate ourselves.  Just my 2 cents.

Sister Wolf:
WoG - I agree with you completely.  +1


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