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Staple products found in our childhood kitchens, bathrooms, garages, etc

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Tyler Durden:
Workbench:  duct tape, shop towels.


--- Quote from: bcksknr on June 13, 2015, 02:16:38 PM ---     We used to have a product called "Oil-O-Sol". It was a pale yellow oil that I now realize had an odor of Linseed oil and pine.  When I got a sliver that was too deep to dig out, My mother would put on a bandaid , with the pad soaked in the stuff and by the next day, the sliver had "drawn" to the surface and could be pulled out with a tweezer. Worked every time. No longer available, I made up some linseed oil and thinned it with a little turpentine. It works just as well. Never got infected either.

--- End quote ---

My great grandmother told me this one and it took me 20 years to try it, but it indeed works. Put a piece of raw salt pork (bacon) on the sliver. And it slips out. Works for fine cactus needles as well.


       Parafin wax, Butcher string, plaster of Paris. All in grandmas bottom drawer in the kitchen.     
Fantastic thread by the way!

David in MN:
OK, I get to sound like a lunatic old guy.

Bar Keeper's Friend
Lye (I make soap)
Lithium grease

I tend to prefer naphtha over mineral spirits but you could go either way.

Nitrile gloves (because of that list)


--- Quote from: David in MN on June 15, 2015, 12:20:50 PM ---
Nitrile gloves (because of that list)

--- End quote ---

But it tasted so good when you dipped your hand in it! Man, that may come back to bite us...

Grandpa also has a bottle of Hoppe's gun cleaner in the shop for cleaning spark plugs and other things that got carbon build up. 


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