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Good to hear from you again, my friend, wish it were under more pleasant circumstances. And thanks for bringing this thread up again.

"I am thankful for every hot shower I get and still I wonder if it could be my last, ever time I take one , daily. I teach my family to Use things up and wear them out ,then find a new use for them. So think about the end of life too, yours , family and friends."

I understand how you feel - happened to me about 4 years ago with a bad heart attack. You look at life differently after an experience like that. You realize just how fragile life is you are, and appreciate every day as a new, and possibly your last, adventure.

I've learned that things don't matter - whatever things you leave behind will eventually break, wear out, become illegal, get lost, whatever, but the memories, thoughts, attitudes and ideals you instill in your children and grandchildren will go on forever. It is my fondest wish that on one future day, when my grand-kids are walking in the woods with their grand-kids, they'll stop, turn over a rotten log and ask them, "What do you see?" And then proceed to tell them about this crazy old man who did the same thing with them so many years ago. And how we got into an algae fight way up a river, looking for the place a famous fossil came out of the ground at. 

You still scan? I've gotten back into that habit, only now it's for a different reason. I've taken to carrying a camera with me constantly - just a small point-and-shoot, nothing fancy. I've turned that ability to spot the unusual or out of place into something positive, seeing light and patterns, colors and textures, that are invisible to most folks, and I take a picture of it. I try to turn something ugly into something beautiful.  You may want to try that - good, cheap therapy.

It's nice to see you back, and remember, we're here for you.



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Survival List.

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Great list! +1
Thanks for sharing here.


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