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+1 CH, great post.  I need to take it to heart myself.


--- Quote ---Doctrine does not matter, affiliation does not matter, race does not matter, preference does not matter. We are modern survivalists and we help each other grow.
--- End quote ---

Excellent post CH.  I have learned so much from the members of this forum and the podcasts.  One of the more eyeopening aspects of prepping that I have learned is summarized in the quote above.  Before I found this forum and the podcasts I was like many of the ignorant non-preppers and assumed that all survivalists were preparing for that day that they would sequester themselves in some remote part of the nation away from everyone else and become a lone wolf.  I now understand the true value of being prepared and how much we as a community can do together.

Thanks again

This is singularly the best post ever! 

Ron Hayes:
Thank you for this,

This is spot on!

Focus, some times things and skills pile up fast, but then the  kids are growing up on me faster and that changes everything all at once, some times every day . But in the last year I have had close friends sicken and die , Big time preppers , you know eat right work hard ).  I was ask to find and report his death, he took his own life (that put me in one hell of a place) . He just couldn't take it any more and I understood . So I look like I have the 1000 yard stare but damn I'm watching ever thing all at once all the time. Wondering what's going to brake , fall apart or Die . I still scan for snipers and IED's while driving , and I am thankful for every hot shower I get and still I wonder if it could be my last, ever time I take one , daily. I teach my family to Use things up and wear them out ,then find a new use for them. So think about the end of life too, yours , family and friends.
  The word Focus , seams so funny to me , unless I am shooting , I don't think I have been able to  focus in 30 years.


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